Monday, September 26, 2011

Carsyn's 5th Cowboy Birthday

 The invitation for the cowboy and cowgirls . Everybody got a hat and bandanna as they arrived .

 Snake toss , yes flying snakes they tried to get them in the bucket
 Panning for gold was a hit , I spray painted little gravel rocks gold and added then to the sand and water.

                                        Birthday girl

 Taking a break ,playing with her new cash register
 The Horse that Jim made for the party
 Morgans camp fire. Looks great. Torn up construction paper made the flames
 Paper plates. I cut out Happy Birthday on the Cricut and glued them on.

 More shapes cut out on Cricut, the sticker in the middle said Carsyn 5th , from Oriental Trading

Jim made one of these for all the kids . They got this as they left . I hope they had a good time . Thanks to Pinterest I got some great ideas.