Saturday, February 18, 2012

Closet make over

 The front closet has been a problem for a while now.We didn't need for coats since we have plenty of room in the bedroom so it has never been for hanging things. Mostly some seasonal entry way decorations. I had a small book shelf in there to help out but  Its amazing how some new shelves take care of the problem. Nice to know we have 4 sets of UNO cards and 3 sets of Phase 10 . Love how nice it looks . Carsyn has been playing games all day . She loves it when it is nice and clean , that even happens when we get her room all clean she loves to play in it . Why can she keep it that way?

 Love this shoe rack , have been seeing this all over Pinterest. Couldn't wait to put it to use.I had to hang it a little lower ( love command hooks) so Carsyn could get stuff and the door didn't shut nice with the hooks at the top any way

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines for the Teachers

My friend and I made these fortune cookies , she burnt her fingers folding cookies while I did the dipping in the chocolate . So cute I just love them . Thanks Meagan it was a good purchase.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Dessert table

We had a Relief Society meeting last night . My board and I make all kinds of sweets, it was so much fun. So many of the ideas came from Pinterest, which I do love. It sure does help me when planning and decorating for a activity , or party. If nothing else it makes you start to think about things you could do .
 Felt toperies
 Fruit in waffle cones with dip (cream cheese and marshmello cream) Dipped rice crispies, M&M blondies
 Pretzel with chocolate dots and M&M
 Love the napkins in the mailbox
 All the yummy treats the board make, red velvet heart cookies, dipped fortune cookies. Peanut butter with chocolate hearts. Strawberry shortbread dipped in chocolate with sprinkles. Cake pops
 Setting up
 Some of my creations , ideas from Pinterest
 Milano cookies, and Pirouette cookies
 My first attempt at making cake pops. I would have liked them to be a  little rounder and more consistant in size .
table and chairs ,little different that the usual.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


My friends and I got together and made these topiary's .They will be centerpieces for a upcoming church get together. Got the idea here. The cans are from Target in the $ section.