Saturday, February 18, 2012

Closet make over

 The front closet has been a problem for a while now.We didn't need for coats since we have plenty of room in the bedroom so it has never been for hanging things. Mostly some seasonal entry way decorations. I had a small book shelf in there to help out but  Its amazing how some new shelves take care of the problem. Nice to know we have 4 sets of UNO cards and 3 sets of Phase 10 . Love how nice it looks . Carsyn has been playing games all day . She loves it when it is nice and clean , that even happens when we get her room all clean she loves to play in it . Why can she keep it that way?

 Love this shoe rack , have been seeing this all over Pinterest. Couldn't wait to put it to use.I had to hang it a little lower ( love command hooks) so Carsyn could get stuff and the door didn't shut nice with the hooks at the top any way

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