Friday, February 27, 2015

Table Redo

This is not my table, I forgot to take a befor picture ... Fail . But mine was just like it on the top . 

The table came with a leaf that I sanded and stained with grey stain , it looked to blue and I dindnt care for it , it was my sample for the table top since I knew I wasn't using it in this kitchen at this time . I will paint it to match the table . 

I bought the table and three chairs for $40 , I really only wanted the table so the fact that it only had three chairs didn't matter but now that I see just the three it kind of works for the space . 

These are the supplies used , also a paint brush to apply the paint . Chalky paint is so easy to use . No sanding needed , just paint it on , I did two coats of paint . I then took a just damp spot on a rag and rubbed off the spots to give the antiqued look . Then the wax , apply like paint , all over . Use the was brush to apply the wax , it gets in all the creases . Let dry and buff off . I did two coats of wax before the buff . I used the soft touch varnish for the top of the table since it would be getting more wear and tear . 

Follow The Prophet

Pictures for my new primary class . 4x4 spray painted frames . Added some vinyl and a picture.