Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cake stands and Relief Society Party

 Her are the finished cake stands. I started out with plywood tops and planned on adding trim , well that turned out to be a bigger project that I had planned . We ended up going with MDF and using the router on the edges , the large is 10inch and the small is 8 inch . 6x6 routed base came from a piece of pine.The table legs are from Home Depot  but I think Lowes also has them.Painted everything white. I love how they turned out. I got the idea here. From Pinterest

 Relief Society Party
 My friend made the sugar scrub. Used baby food jars and spray painted the lids.
 Potato bar
 I used scrap paper on the cake stands to mach our colors for the night. Looking at the pictures I wish I had put the blue ribbon strip on top of the yellow fabric napkin.
 IKEA frames . My daughter cut the numbers on the Cricut

Another crafty friend made these bird houses.


  1. Love your ideas and love that I recognize the cake stands from my sister's tutorial on our blog, Bee In Our Bonnet! :) I am in charge of RS nights so I am loving all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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